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Abstract line drawing for generative AI concepts

Connect foundation models to your company data sources with agents for Amazon Bedrock (preview)

Using your company’s knowledge base, you can use agents to give FMs in Bedrock access to data that helps the model generate more relevant, context-specific, and accurate responses without continuously retraining the FM.

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Customer Stories
Bar chart shows growth of cron job invocations from zero to 7 million between roughly February to July 2023.

Within only two months of the availability of Amazon EventBridge Scheduler, the front-end cloud company shipped its new feature, which has reached over 7 million cron invocations per week and continues to grow.

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Generative AI
Image shows the SageMaker Studio UI.

Fine-tune Llama 2 for text generation on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Despite the great generalization capabilities of generative AI foundation models, there are often use cases that have very specific domain data. You can use either the SageMaker Studio UI or SageMaker Python SDK for your necessary fine-tuning.

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