Code repositories

AWS Copilot

The AWS Copilot command line interface (CLI) commands simplify building, releasing, and operating production-ready containerized applications on Amazon ECS from a local development environment.

Amazon ECS Agent

The Amazon ECS container agent allows container instances to connect to your cluster. The Amazon ECS container agent is included in the Amazon ECS-optimized AMI, but you can also install it on any EC2 instance that supports the Amazon ECS specification.

Amazon ECS RPM

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Container Service RPM is software developed to support the Amazon ECS Container Agent.

Amazon ECS CNI Plugins

A collection of Container Network Interface (CNI) Plugins used by the Amazon ECS Agent to configure network namespace of containers with Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs).

Amazon ECS AMI Build Scripts

Packer recipes for building the official ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMIs.

Webinars and videos

Technical talks

Deploy a Modern App Stack to AWS Fargate with Amazon ECS (49:32)
Hybrid deployments at scale with Amazon ECS-A (20:11)
Build event-driven services with serverless containers (33:03)

re:Invent videos

Your first container in the cloud (Basics and benefits of containers) (45:57)
Reduce ops & infrastructure costs with Amazon ECS (53:49)
Build your app easily & efficiently with serverless containers (44:04)
Run a hybrid cloud environment at the edge with Amazon ECS-A (52:21)
A close look at AWS Fargate and AWS App Runner (36:31)
Scaling containers from one user to millions (48:51)

Demo videos

Amazon ECS Core Concepts
Writing Task Definitions
Task Placement
Autoscaling for Containers
Load Balancing for Containers
CloudWatch Monitoring
Setting up CICD for containers
Containerized Microservices
Using Amazon ECR