Amazon ECS Anywhere

Run containers on your on-premises infrastructure

Run a familiar, in-region ECS control plane so you can reduce operational overhead and focus on innovation.

Ensure a simple and consistent experience no matter where your container-based applications are running.

Streamline software management on premises and on AWS with a standardized container orchestrator.

How it works

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere is a feature of Amazon ECS that lets you run and manage container workloads on your infrastructure. This feature helps you meet compliance requirements and scale your business without sacrificing your on-premises investments.

Diagram shows the workflow to create activation keys, install SSM and ECS agent, define your app, and then deploy and manage your container-based apps with ECS Anywhere.

Use cases

Deploy data processing workloads at the edge

Run containerized data-processing workloads at edge locations on your own hardware to maintain reduced latency.

Use existing capital investments

Ensure consistency with the same on-premises Amazon ECS tools when you migrate to AWS.

Deploy GPU-based container workloads

Run machine learning (ML), image processing, 3D visualization, big data, and other applications without transferring your data to AWS.

Run Windows container workloads

Use your existing Windows Server licenses to run Windows container workloads in on-premises environments.

How to get started

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Start building without upfront commitments.

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