Establish a virtual desktop infrastructure

To improve productivity, organizations are providing remote work access to cloud-hosted engineering workspaces for their designers and analysts. These organizations need the flexibility of the cloud without compromising security. With the Virtual Cloud Desktop solutions on AWS, employees can provision computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools through a portal, without having to worry about complex IT hardware deployments and aging infrastructure. Administrators can also centralize and manage this capability cost-effectively. The solutions offer a stable, secure, and remote workspace across a wide range of devices and locations. And, businesses have access to a globally distributed infrastructure that is centralized, controlled, compliant, secure, and highly optimized for various business requirements.

AWS Services

Purpose-built cloud products

Amazon AppStream 2.0
Secure, reliable, and scalable application streaming and low-cost virtual desktop service
Amazon WorkSpaces
Fully managed, secure, reliable virtual desktops for every workload
Deliver high-performance remote desktop and application streaming
Research and Engineering Studio on AWS
Simplify research computing and product design in the cloud
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Partner Solutions

Software, SaaS, or managed services from AWS Partners

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