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Zanzibar: The Essential Mangrove | Climate Next by AWS

Absorption of carbon dioxide, preservation of biodiversity, the reversal of coastal erosion, and the filtering of pollutants play a critical role in creating a sustainable future. This first episode in the four-part Climate Next documentary series from Amazon Web Services (AWS) explores how mangroves play an essential role in protecting African communities from the impacts of climate change. Discover how student-led YouthMappers and Digital Earth Africa, an organization that provides data and tools that run on AWS, help African communities with near-real-time satellite imagery of Earth and make data more easily accessible in the cloud. Follow their quest to help communities prioritize restoration efforts of mangroves along African coast lines.

Becoming a Sustainable Technologist with Starbucks

Starbucks supports millions of mobile orders every day – and it's always innovating new ways to support its global customer base. By using AWS and the AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, Starbucks can scale to meet demand, create new services, and make sustainable business decisions. Starbucks helped create and announce the sustainability pillar for the AWS Well-Architected Framework and continues to be a leader in sustainable technology. To learn how Starbucks uses AWS and prioritizes sustainability, the Fix This team chatted with Drew Engelson, director of engineering, Unified Commerce Platform at Starbucks. Drew shares how Starbucks uses AWS to make data-informed decisions and how it empowers technologists around the world to adopt a sustainable mindset.

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CropX Uses AWS to Increase Sustainability and Feed More People


Less water used by potato farmers using the CropX app


Yield increase for 100 crop types

“Our customers can use the app to view the updated status of soil readings, moisture levels, and root zones. We also provide alerts and notifications if fields are too dry or too wet.”

Sagi Briteman
Vice President of Research and Development, CropX

CropX, the Israel-based agricultural firm, uses AWS solutions to power more effective, cost-efficient farming. CropX’s easy-to-use, do-it-yourself (DIY) agronomic farm management platform and app helps farmers boost crop yields by focusing on saving water, agrochemicals, labor, and energy. In turn, these savings help farmers reduce their environmental and planetary impact.

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Carbon Lighthouse Tackles CO2 Emissions with Machine Learning on AWS

Illumina Reduced Carbon Emissions by 89% and Lowered Data Storage Costs

With its mission to improve human health and a commitment to operate responsibly and sustainably, Illumina, a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and systems for large-scale genetics analysis, used the AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool to track the carbon emissions of its AWS usage. Using the tool, Illumina realized an 89 percent reduction of carbon emissions for its usage in AWS during the 12-month period ending November 2022. Additionally, for every 1 TB of data, the company saves 60 percent on storage costs.

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Carbon Lighthouse Tackles CO2 Emissions with Machine Learning on AWS

Carbon Lighthouse Tackles CO2 Emissions with Machine Learning on AWS

Commercial buildings are responsible for 40 percent of emissions in the US. Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to stop climate change by making it easy and profitable for building owners to cut carbon emissions caused by wasted energy. In the video link below, learn how the company uses machine learning on AWS to develop insights that deliver energy savings and decrease CO2 emissions in commercial real estate, reducing more than 260,000 metric tons of emissions to date.

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TIER Brings Edge Computing to Its Micromobility Fleet Using AWS IoT

TIER Brings Edge Computing to Its Micromobility Fleet Using AWS IoT

Since 2018, the explosion of on-demand electric scooters represents a significant transformation in personal mobility. However, steep maintenance and support costs hinder micromobility companies from ongoing innovation. This is why Berlin-based micromobility company TIER Mobility (TIER) has broken out of the standard maintenance model. It uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology powered by AWS to reduce its battery-related operating costs by a factor of 10.

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